Mail server settings

Mail server settings - here you can configure settings required to send reports and notifications on filters. To edit the settings, click the SMTP server name or add the new account with the “Add” button.


Fill in your e-mail credentials.

For example, for a account, SMTP server settings should be configured as on the screenshot above.

SMTP login - your account login SMTP password - your account password

A mail account must exist, be preconfigured and operable.

Sender Address (Sender Address) - e address that will be indicated in the received messages in the “SMTP MAIL FROM”. It is used for cases when “Login”field does not contain a valid email address.



If the filed “Sender address” is left blank then “SMTP MAIL FROM” will receive the value from “Login” field.

Sender name - name of the sender.

Activate settings - mandatory parameter that enables the module and setting mails from this e-mail account.

Without authentication - is used in case your mail server doesn’t use authentification.

After saving the mail account you can check it for operability by clicking the button “Send test e-mail” to the e-mail specified in the field “Enter email”.


To delete an account click “Delete” button in the settings of the e-mail account.