StaffCop Enterprise is a bundled software solution for employee time tracking. Business owners, information security officers and system administrators who use StaffCop Enterprise can track all suspecious events both in real time and in retrospective. With StaffCop you can evaluate your employees’ efficiency and learn how they use their working time. Our solution represents a perfect tool for insiders detection and data leak prevention.

  • Complete monitoring of network traffic (including encrypted traffic), e-mails (with attachments), IM (instant messengers), and websites visiting;

  • Monitoring of file operations (file system, clipboard, copying files to external data storages, network drives, analysis of archived files);

  • Monitoring of employee activities at workstations;

  • Monitoring of documents printing;

  • Remote desktop connection;

  • Block web-sites, applications and USB-drives;

  • Admin panel can be accessed in the web-interface from any place with internet connection;

  • Powerful system of multi-dimensional analysis of user activity based on the OLAP technology;

  • Detector of the abnormal user behavior;

  • System of alerts on violations of corporate security policies;

  • Flexible system of congiguring data collecting modules;

  • Access rights distribution by groups and users;

  • Visual display of collected data in various view modes;


StaffCop Enterprise is a client-server application consisting of two main modules: Server module and Agents.

Server module

StaffCop Server is used to receive, store, and view data aggregated by StaffCop Agents. It’s installed on a computer with OS Ubuntu and uses PostgreSQL database to store data.

System management and viewing of the collected data is carried out in the web-interface, which can be accessed from any computer with connection to Staffcop Server through internet or local network. For comfortable work with the web-interface we recommend using the latest version of Chrome or Firefox.


An Agent represents a service launched on a workstation. It collects information on user activity and events on a workstation to transfer it to Staffcop Server. It can work in stealsth mode. Data is aggregated in the local database and it is automatically removed after being transferred to Staffcop Server. If the connection to the Server is lost, an agent keeps collecting data, but when the size of data reaches the set limitation the agent starts to cyclically overwrite it, erasing the oldest data.

Agent installation for operation systems of Windows family is carried out locally or remotely with the help of the embedded tool or with the help of Active Directory group policies (GPO). Installation requires rights of local (domain) administrator.

Agent installation on Linux-based systems is carried out through launching of installer with root rights.

Data is transferred through encrypted channel (openSSL) in packets, the minimal size of a packet and the interval of transferring are set in the settings. When installing agents you can specify the IP addresses and ports of the main and alternative server. In such a way agents can connect to the server even if they are outside the corporate network.

Installation overview

  1. Get the e-mail with installation guides an files on this page:

  2. Check the system requirements and choose the most fitting type of StaffCop Server installation

  3. Install monitoring agents on the computers you want to monitor

  4. Set up configurations, and antivirus exclusions

In case any questions or problems arise during the installation or configuring, please contact our support team.

Our specialists will consult you, answer your questions and, if necessary, connect to your server remotely to help. Guide: what is required to establish a remote connection.


To better understand the following articles we recommend to study the terminology and interface components of Staffcop Enterprise.

If you have managed to successfully install and configure the system, it means that agents have started transferring information about events from the users’ computers to Staffcop Server, and it means that you can open the web-interface and start working with the collected data.