Account configurations

Account configuration, as well as computer configuration, is used to enable/disable monitoring modules for users. Currently, account configuration is used to configure USB devices.

Each account can be assigned a unique configuration.

To edit a configuration, click the corresponding configuration name, or add a new one.




Title - here you can specify the name of a new configuration or see the name of the existing configuration.

Devices ( USB )


For these modules to work, the “File monitoring” and “USB devices” modules must be enabled in the agent configuration.

  • Block all USB mass-storage devices - enabling this module blocks all removable USB-drives.

  • Read-only USB mass-storage - enabling this module forbids changing files on USB drives.

Rules: Access - USB:

  • Block - block all the «Device ID» stated on the list.

  • Allow - block all «Device ID» except for those stated on the list.

If you need to configure the white list of devices or the list of blocked devices, we recommend you to read this article Control of USB devices. Rules for accounts work in a similar way.


Enabling modules in users configurations is of the highest priority. If agents configuration contain rules for USB-devises, the users configuration will override them.


Full “Device ID” is required.


Only for Linux-agent: if you don’t put the “Device ID” of the keyboards and mice on the white list, all the USB devices will stop working, except for those stated on this list, be careful with this kind of locks.

Assign accounts


The interface allows you to assign or remove configuration for selected accounts or departments.

Save configuration

To save account configuration, click “Save”.