Dr.web Antivirus

For Dr. Web to work correctly with StaffCop agent we should disable some Antivirus modules.

Open Settings -> Apps & features, find Dr. Web in the list, click it with the right mouse button, click “Change -> Change components”, then uncheck “SpIDer Mail”, “SpIDer Gate” and “Parental control”, click “Apply” then reboot the workstation.

../../_images/antivirus_exclude_drweb_5.png ../../_images/antivirus_exclude_drweb_6.png ../../_images/antivirus_exclude_drweb_7.png

Then it’s required to add exclusions to “Firewall” so the agent could send data to the server without any troubles caused by Antivirus.

Add exclusions for process:

../../_images/antivirus_exclude_drweb_1.png ../../_images/antivirus_exclude_drweb_2.png ../../_images/antivirus_exclude_drweb_3.png ../../_images/antivirus_exclude_drweb_4.png