Accounts displays the summary information on user accounts registered on the server:

  • State - status of account license. Possible options are “License allocated”, “License revoked”, “Automatically”, “Waiting for data”.

  • Login - username. Initially, it’s received from Guid (in case with domain users - from “Displayed name” in Active Directory). It can be changed. You can change it to any convenient username.

  • Full name - full user name. It’s taken from Active Directory, if available. It can be changed.

  • Department - department the user belongs to. It’s taken from Active Directory, if available. It can be changed.

  • Last report time - the time of the latest report from the chosen user.

  • Last activity time - the time of the latest user activity.

If the State of the account is clicked, User dimension card opens, which contains all the information available on the user.


It can be filled in manually, but it’s better to fill in the data in the corresponding Windows or Active Directory account beforehand.

In case a user enters Windows domain, an agent will try to retrieve information on the user profile from domain controller.

StaffCop Enterprise supports synchronization with Active Directory - User card displays corresponding information from Active Directory

  • login:

  • Full name:

  • Description:

  • Company:

  • Title:

  • Office:

  • Manager:

  • Phone:

  • Skype:

  • Email:

  • WWW:

  • Comment:

  • Guid:

  • Last report time

  • Last activity time

  • Email accounts


New users are added to the system automatically at the moment of agent registration on the server. No need to add users manually. SID is used for registration and identification of agents.


If an agent couldn’t retrieve information from AD - the fields remained empty.

Assign licenses to users

You can mark several entries and choose action (Assign or Revoke license) from the dropped list, an then click “Go” button. The users with revoked licenses won’t be monitored.