Event types

All types of intercepted events are listed in Constructor


File operation

File operations performed by applications (file managers, browsers, other software).



Displays screenshots of user screen, the frequency of screenshots and their quality is configured in the agent configuration.


User activity

Contains the activity time of a user in applications and on web sites, it is used in reports. The “User’s activity” module must be enabled.



Websites visited by an employee. The “Web traffic” and “Network monitoring” modules must be enabled.



Displays keystrokes and their combinations in various applications, alsdisplays intercepted passwords when logging into Windows, the “Keyboard”“Low-level keylogger” modules must be enabled.


Software inventory

It contains information on the software installed on the PC, it is collected when the configuration is updated and the agent is restarted.

Required the options “Software inventory” to be enabled in the Configuration.


Instant message

Skype, ICQ, other messengers. For this to work, you need to enable the Instant messengers and Network monitoring modules.



E-mail correspondence. Enable modules “E-mail”, “Webmail”, “E-mail (MAPI/Exchange)” depending on what type of mail is of interest.

“Network monitoring” module is required to be enabled.


Desktop video

The “Play” button allows you to view all the activities of the specified employee for the desired period of time.

For this to work, you need to configure the “Screenshots” and “Desktop video” in the “Computer configuration”.


Form data

Displays details of intercepted web-forms from Internet browsers in the tabular form. It is used to intercept passwords entered in the browser, which can be viewed in the “Triggered filters” - “Interception of passwords in the browser”.



Displays information on all connections to FTP servers.


Devices inventory

A list of all the devices on the computer with their identifiers.


Network connection

Allows you to identify which IP addresses and ports were used for the connection. The “Network monitoring” module must be enabled.


Intercepted file

You can access shadow copies of files sent by e-mail, Internet messengers, downloaded via browsers, file storage, etc.

“Shadow copying” and “File system activity” modules are required to be enabled.


Sound recording

It’s possible to record sound from available microphones or speakers. For this to work, you shoulf to enable “Microphone recording” or “Speaker recording” module and configure the recording parameters of the microphone.



Intercepts the text content of the clipboard. “Clipboard” module must be enabled


System log

This information is usually used to analyze the problems that have arisen with the agent or server. “Debug Mode” is required be enabled.


Search query

Displays the queries entered by the user in the popular search engines. “Web search queries” module must be enabled.


User logon/logoff

Facts of system login/logoff



List of devices connected to the PC.


Web-cam snapshots

Web-cam snapshots. For this to work, you need to configure the settings of snapshots from the webcam and enable “Webcam snapshots” module.



Printed documents. “Printing” module must be enabled.



List of installed applications.


Disk drive

Connected external drives


WiFi connection

Data on connections to wireless networks



Alerts sent by system policies