Install from ISO-image

StaffCop Server installation represents installation of Ubuntu Server from an ISO-image containing StaffCop Server package and the required dependencies, such as PostgreSQL, Nginx. The steps described below are common for installation on a PC or a virtual machine and generally don’t really differ from usual Ubuntu installation.

You may require installation of a virtualization environment, such as VirtualBox or VmWare, before installing from ISO-image.

For installation you have to make sure that your PC:ref:supports virtualization flags <enable_virtualization> an that virtualbox_install is enabled in the BIOS of your CPU.

Download the latest ISO-image from this page

1. Connect your boot device with ISO-image of StaffCop Enterprise to your PC or connect the ISO-image to a virtual machine, launch PC/virtual machine and go to the OS installer. First, choose your language.


2. Choose installation - Install StaffCop Enterprise.


3. Choose language, keyboard layout.


4. Specify the name of the computer and create a user account.

../_images/server_setup4.png ../_images/server_setup5.png

5. Specify time zone


6. Reboot system (it will occur automatically).

7. Go to final steps of installation.


Avoid giving SSH-access to your server from outside your corporate network. In case of necessity, use key authentication and not commonly used ssh-port to decrease the chance of exposing your server.