Install on existing Ubuntu

Install StaffCop Server on Ubuntu Server


Staffcop Server works only on Ubuntu 18.04 and 16.04 LTS. Other versions of Ubuntu are not supported.

If you already have a computer fitting the system requirements with Ubuntu Server installed you can make it your StaffCop Server., make sure that it fits system requirements for StaffCop Server.

Keep in mind that the following scripts are meant for installation on a clean Ubuntu, “from the box”. Don’t run this script if this OS has apache server (or any similar software) installed. Moreover, we don’t recommend to install StaffCop Enterprise on the same server with other services.

Install StaffCop Enterprise 4.7

wget -O /tmp/ && sudo bash /tmp/

Check that the installation was successfully completed by running sudo staffcop info.

If everything is fine you will see the output of this kind:


The only question you will have to answer in the process of installation - your geolocation which is necessary for setting the correct time zone of your server.

Then follow the instructions given in Final steps of installation.


Avoid giving SSH-access to your server from outside your corporate network. In case of necessity, use key authentication and not commonly used ssh-port to decrease the chance of exposing your server.