What’s new in 5.2


Before upgrading from version 5.0 or lower, you have to get a new license key. Rollback to the previous version leads to loss of data.

General Improvements

  • Cluster mode - the ability to scale horizontally.

  • Improved consolidated report - added a schedule and the ability to send the report by email.

  • Intercepting files when working with CD / DVD drives.

  • Intercepting the Russian file and message exchange service Express.

  • Extended functionality of the incident console.

  • Encryption of the local agent database.

  • Ability to set access rights for groups of system administrators.

  • Ability to edit comments in the incident panel.

  • Increased number of timestamps on the linear graph.

  • Switching between triggered words according to a separately selected filter.

  • Logging the creation / deletion of filters and policies.

  • Added an “activity parameter” for system administrators on the page with a list of administrators.

Windows Agent

  • Intercepting operations with Nextcloud, ownCloud and OneDrive file storages.

  • Intercepting VKTeams messenger events:

    • private chats;

    • group chats;

    • files;

    • voice messages;

  • Workstation monitoring with monitoring utility.

  • Ability to install the monitoring utility through the Windows Agent remote installation utility.

  • Screenshot package creation module (color selection, efficient storage, viewing in the web interface).

  • Ability to limit the data transfer rate from the agent to the server.

Linux Agent

  • Support for the agent to work on the terminal server “Scala-R VRM”.

  • Ability to limit the data transfer rate from the agent to the server.

macOS Agent

  • Support for macOS Ventura.

  • Ability to change the icon and description of the application in the system.