Keyboard and clipboard

  • Keyboard input - module for interception of input from keyboard (keylogger)

  • Low-level keylogger - module that substitutes the keyboard driver to intercept keystrokes in the secure desktop. It is used to intercept passwords used when logging into Windows.

  • Passwords in Windows dialog boxes - module for passwords interception.


To receive events, you should also enable the following modules: “Keyboard input”, “Passwords in Windows dialog boxes”.


Characters are always logged in lowercase.

  • Clipboard - used to intercept content of Windows clipboard including images in text.


In rare cases, this module may conflict with MS Office applications. If users experience performance drops when working in MS Office, try disabling this module.

Rules: Keylogger - Application

Disallow - forbid tracking keyboard input with the help of the keylogger for the applications on the list. All other applications are tracked by the keylogger.

Allow - allow tracking keyboard input only for the applications on the list. Keyboard input from other applications is not tracked.