What’s new in 4.8

The most relevant changes can always be found on our website at - www.staffcop.com/changelog.

StaffCop Enterprise 4.8, released October 2020

Interception channels

  • File scanner module is implemented to scan file system on endpoint PCs.

  • File operations tracking on network disks was been improved.

  • Telegram - dialogs display has been improved.

  • DLP module now can block files of gerber format (Flex)

  • Ibterception of text messaging and files in Skype 8.XXX./li>


  • Linux-agent: interception of network traffic through proxy-server.

Admin interface

  • Duplicating page numeration above the lists of computers and accounts has been added to the control panel.

  • Now you can specify exact tine in the data picker

  • A copy of the current report opens by clicking the right mouse button

  • Displays percentage ratio in the pie chart

  • The ability to save view settings in Lens

  • Fixed blicking of table when scrolling


  • Change of the algoritm for calculating free space for database backup.

  • Pre-made configurations can be reset to their defaults.

  • Configurations now store data on the last change made to it.

  • Now you can choose the configuration that will be applied to newly-installed agents.

  • StaffCop Server can now be correctly installed in UEFI mode in hypervisors.

  • Enbedded file drivers have been updated to simplify server installation in KVM and Proxmox hypervisors.

  • Accounts now can recieve the permission sets based on the info retrieved from AD (e.g. “Manager field).

  • A new system policy that revokes license from PC that don’t send any data for the specified number of days.

  • Agents send data about the size of the data has been sent

  • After calling agent uninstallation process in admin panel, agent receives “Agent uninstalled” status

  • Option: whether to assign licenses to new agents or not

Filters and vocabularies

  • Date of sending can be choosed for monthly e-mail report.

  • Different vocabularies coloring.

  • New complex report “Daily reports” in a zip archive.

  • Optimized data representation when printing the productivity table.

  • Optimized representaton of PDF reports sent to e-mail.

  • Check for mistyping of symbols of regular expressions in filters.

  • When creating a new “Threshold triggering” fields “Report format” and “Create incident”.

  • In the “No reports” detector the delay interval can now be specified in minutes.

  • Save reports to files with the names identical to the names of the filters.

  • The ability to receive e-mail notifications on alerts.

Analytical functions

  • New options for commentaries of incidents.

  • The ability to create policies by copying existing ones.

  • Usage of machine learning mechanisms for face recognition on web-cam snapshots.

  • Usage of machine learning mechanisms for stamps recognition on scanned documents and images.

Fixed bugs

  • Clickhouse updated to

  • Fixed bug with clipboard intercepting module addecting MS Office applications (glitching, error messeging).

  • Fixed bug with crushing agent on Windows XP.

  • Fixed bug with incorrect operation of StaffCop Agent with revoked license.

  • Automatic license revoking from users blocked in AD.

  • Sharding deletion on CLI made similar to sharding deletion in admin panel.

  • Fixed bug with agent mistakenly installed instead of testing the ability of installation.

  • Fixed bug with incorrect exporting of activity timesheet to Excel.

  • The ability to enable “Create incident” in a custom policy.

  • Fixed bugs in admin panel appearing when using non-recommended web-browsers.

  • Optimized data represebtation when printing time tracking report and combined report.

  • Fixed bug with crushing at the attempt of sending a lrge-sized event to the server.

  • Fixed bug with incorrect certificate replacement in MS Edge when searching with Google.

  • Fixed bug “DatabaseError: value too long for type character varying(200)” when deleting a shard.


  • API requests with data commands by date and time of the server or by sending events by agent.

  • StaffCop Server now supports Jatoba Database.

  • The ability to add an employee to several departments when specifying access rights.

  • Improved compatibility with Kaspersky anti-virus.

  • Tested integration with RuSIEM.

  • Tested integration with Max Patrol SIEM.

  • Tested data export from StaffCop to PowerBI.


Before upgrading from version 4.7 or lower, you have to get a new license key. Rollback to the previous version leads to loss of data.