Alerts represent a special type of notifications. If alerts are enabled and something happens that triggers any policies - you will see events in the “Alerts” tab.


The system has three pre-set types of notifications:

  • No reports - if there is no data reprorted from the specified agent for the last 24 hours.

  • Late users - alerts come if users start their working day at least 1 minute later than the working day start time specified in the working schedule.

  • Delayed report - if there is no data reprorted from the specified agent for the last 24 hours, although agents are online.

When the image recognition server is installed, new alert types become available:

  • No face – these alerts appear when no face was detected on the photo

  • Unknown face – a face that is not yet in the database

  • Own face – the face detected on the photo corresponds to the one bound to this account

  • Stamp - all documents with detected stamps

  • Passport - all documents with detected passports

  • Several faces - these alerts appear when several faces are detected on the photo


Alerts can be sent to an e-mail address as a filter or policy

How alerts work

  1. When alerts are enabled, all users get checked according to their policy (no reports/delayed report/late users) to generate corresponding alerts.

  2. If an alert gets disabled, the data it has collected gets removed and when the alert is enabled the next time it will scan all the users anew for the violations of the policies.

  3. If the alert has already been triggered, it will not be triggered again if the state of the object being checked has not been changed.


The alerts related to lateness are reset once a day at 00:00.