Possible compatibility issues of StaffCop agent with Kaspersky Endpoint 11.1.X


  • Kaspersky Endpoint Security 11.1.X

  • Staffcop-agent (before version 2503)


In the agent version 2503 this issue was solved


  • After installation of StaffCop agent on a workstation with the mentioned version of Kaspersky you see BSOD.

  • Or you see BSOD when updating Kaspersky to the mentioned version on a workstation with StaffCop agent installed.


Disable Kaspersky modules

Disable the following modules of the Antivirus:

  • Web protection

  • E-mail protection

  • Web-control


Working through proxy staffcop

  • Set up common Antivirus settings (but disable interception of SSL-traffic).

  • Install agent of version 5.8.2502 or higher.

  • For this, run the following commands in cmd as administrator C:WindowsSysWOW64TimeControlSvc ( - IP address of your server):

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\TimeControlSvc\vmnetdrv64.exe deinstall
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\TimeControlSvc\vmnetdrv64.exe installproxy
  • Reboot PC.

If needed, you can get back to the previous mode:

C:\Windows\SysWOW64\TimeControlSvc\vmnetdrv64.exe deinstall
C:\Windows\SysWOW64\TimeControlSvc\vmnetdrv64.exe install

Downgrade to the previous version

If you use centralized management of installing and configuring KES in Kaspersky Security Center:

  • Stop current updating of Kaspersky to version 11.X.

  • Create a new task for installation of version 10.x or any of the previous version which didn’t have any conflicts with StaffCop agent.

  • Make sure that BSOD doesn’t appear anymore.

If you don’t use centralized management, then:

  • Delete the installed copies of KES version 11.X on users workstation and reboot your PC.

  • Install a previous version KES of any other version which didn’t have any conflicts with StaffCop agent.

Disable StaffCop modules

  • Disable ‘Network monitoring” option in the computer configuration

  • Reboot user PC to make sure that all the settings have been correctly applied.

  • If none of the described helps then delete StaffCop agent on the workstation where this issue appears and reinstall the agent.