Presence in the workplace


PC shutdown schedule - shutdown users computers at the time specified in “Workday end “. Users will be offered to continue their working day stating the reason for that or shutdown their computers.

Taskbar icon - shows StaffCop icon in the system tray. It indicates that StaffCop agent is running.

Ask reason for absence - after the time period of inactivity specified in Duration of inactivity period before requesting a user will see a window in which he(she) can explain the reason of absence.

“There is no activity on the computer from HH-MM. Please, explain the reason of absence” - where “HH-MM”, the time of the last user activity.

In this window the user can explain why he was not at the workplace. By pressing the OK button, the event is transmitted to the server, where it can be observed in the Event Type: User Control. If the user does not write anything, but simply clicks OK or closes the window, an event without text will be transmitted to the server, but with an indication of the duration of the user’s inactivity.

Presence at workplace - if there is no user activity for a period specified in the Duration of inactivity period before requesting: interval, a window pops up on the user’s desktop with a mathematical example that he will be asked to solve. When the user enters the correct answer, the window closes, and the event of YES type is sent to the server, in case of an incorrect answer, the window is closed, and the event of ERROR type is sent to the server. If the user has not entered any data, after the interval specified in the “The maximum response time to a request” field expires: the window will disappear and a NO event will be transmitted to the server.


Enabling this module unmasks the agent on the user PC!