Filter properties

The modal window “Filter properties” consists of the following components by tabs:

Tab Description
Properties Here you can set filter name and enable a policy in case this is the type of the current filter. When a policy is enabled it will be displayed in Constrictor in “Triggered filters” dimension and it will be possible to specify filter productivity category. If the filter type is “Search by dictionary” then keyword or regular expressions can be set here. If it’s a dashboard, the filters it will consist of are selected here.
Notifications Here e-mail notifications are set - scheduled PDF reports or triggered by new filter events. It’s possible to forbid sending reports containing no data. E-mails are entered in column without separators.
Filter In this tab you can set up the filter by adding event types directly by selected dimensions. It’s possible to set up a Complex query - set filtration parameters using logical operators AND, OR.
Filter code Represents a text editor displaying the filter parameters in the text form consisting of a tag (for example: agent_application@app_name:app_name), assignment operator „=“ and values of filter parameters (e.g. chrome.exe).

With the buttons Delete, Save, Cancel - you can perform the following actions on the filters:

Button Operation
Delete Deletes current filter from the “Filters” tab.
Save Saves changes in current filter
Cancel Cancels filter changes

The button of the “x” form closes the modal filter window without saving editing operations.