Install Windows-agent using Active Directory

Agent update with the AD group policy

Similar to agent installation, add the agent installer you want to update to, in this window:


Open the properties of the version of the agent and go to the “Updates” tab, click “Add” to choose the application meant for update by the agent.

Choose the older version of the agent on the open window (if the new version is located in the same GPO - choose it from this GPO, if it’s located in some other GPO - specify it using “Browse” dialog). Below you can choose if you want to remove the previous version or install the new version over it. We recommend to remove the previous version in order not to inherit the troubles from old versions to new ones.


After that, in the GPO you will see the old packages with the lock icon and new ones with the green arrow icon.



If you have installed the agent using GPO you must update them only using GPO

Agent removal with the AD group policy

To remove a Staffcop agent from workstations use the tool of GPO managing and find the GPO where you configured the installation of the Staffcop agent.

Click the GPO with the right mouse button and choose Change in the dropped menu:

PC configuration/Policies/Programs configuration/Programs installation

Remove the previously added agent, in the list of assigned Staffcop agents to be installed on the workstations.

The packege assigned for installation may be named «Network Service» there.


Then close all the windows of this GPO nad reboot the client’s workstation or invoke the forced GPO ipgrade in the command line:

gpupdate /force

And accept to reboot the user’s workstation