What’s new in 4.5

The most relevant changes can always be found on our website at www.staffcop-enterprise.com/changelog.

StaffCop Enterprise 4.5, released ****, 2019

Event analysis

  • Embedded OCR (Optical Character recognition), no need to purchase any additional licenses.
  • Archived documents analysis.
  • Alerts on replacing hardware on a workstation.
  • Event description now contains all the data associated with the event.
  • Fast switch from event to nearest screenshot.
  • New dimensions: “Window title” and “Time Zone”.
  • Improvements on credit cards filter.

Integration with Active Directory

  • User authorization in admin interface with the help of AD.
  • Assign configuration with the help of AD.

Time tracking

  • New report on work ethic violation - “Early coming and leaving”.
  • Filter-event “Late users”
  • Improvements on calendar

Remote desktop and video recording

  • Quad surveillance
  • Export video to MP4.
  • Preview of every frame
  • Pause/play when viewing video records
  • Remote desktop from “Accounts” dimension.
  • The ability to notify a user on taking remote control over his computer.
  • Clean desktop video records with “cleanup” command.
  • Optimized work of server at multiple remote connections.

Filters and policies

  • Improvements of the filter interface. The ability to create dashboards - complex objects that can contain filters of various type.
  • Preview of filter work.

Windows agent

  • Intercept sound played on the device (“sound from speakers”).
  • Intercept on a connected USB-drive.
  • Block WiFi networks by black and white lists.
  • Intercept Gmail web-mail
  • SecureBoot support
  • Improvements on clipboard and printing interception.
  • Improvements on taking screenshots and webcam snapshots.

Linux agent

  • Global variables of file monitoring.
  • Extended file monitoring rules.


  • Support for Safari browser.
  • Interface is optimized for working on displays with low resolution.
  • New color scheme, menus have been regrouped.
  • New interface for server errors handling.
  • Quick filters reset in the dimension panel.
  • Customized columns when exporting to CSV.
  • Human-friendly file titles when exporting screenshots and sound records.


  • Sharding - dividing database into parts.
  • Master/Slave mode for accumulating data from Slave servers to Master.
  • Optimized reports (sessions) recalculations after changing policies. Recalculation now can be performed 100 time faster.
  • PostgreSQL settings optimized


  • United control panel for administration.
  • Install, uninstall, upgrade agents and track their status in the admin interface.
  • Enable/disable ClickHouse database in admin interface.
  • Server and Endpoint agent can work with one port and IP-address with different SNI in the certificate.
  • Upgrade logs: /var/log/staffcop/upgrade.log.
  • Context tips for interface options
  • Assign tags to computer groups.
  • Select time displaying formats in reports.
  • Sorting computer configurations by title.
  • Session recalculations are displayed in the admin interface
  • Improvements of remote installer.


  • Incorrect work with several partitions of USB-devices.
  • Error of uploading files to Bitrix24.
  • Error of application launch monitoring on XP.
  • Error leading to inability of writing files to network disks.
  • Error appearing when playing recorded sounds.
  • Error of missing events at some cases when working with ClickHouse.
  • Incorrect filter creation in certain cases.
  • Send empty reports on filter.
  • Manage terminal server licenses.
  • Incorrect mouth coordinates when rescaling a remote desktop.


Before upgrading from version 4.3 or lower, you have to get a new license key. Rollback to the previous version leads to loss of data.