System requirements for StaffCop Server

System requirements counted on the number of agents

The table below contents evaluations of required resourses for Staffcop server counted on the number of installed agents and considering the period of data storage.

Agents Memory CPU Disks 1 month Disks 2 months Disks 12 months
1-10 2-4 GB 2-4 10 GB for database + 35 GB for files 30 GB for database + 100 GB for files 50 GB for database + 300 GB for files
10-50 4-8 GB 4-6 15 GB for database + 170 GB for files 50 GB for database + 500 GB for files 120 GB for database + 2 TBB for files
50-100 8-16 GB 6-12 from 20 GB SSD for database + 500 GB for files from 70 GB SSD for database + 1 TB for files from 200 GB SSD for database + 4 TB for files
100-200 16-32 GB 8-16 from 35 GB SSD for database + 700 GB for files from 100 GB SSD for database + 2 TB for files from 300 GB SSD for database + 8 TB for files
200-500 24-48 GB 16-24 from 50 GB SSD for database + 1.5 TB for files from 150 GB SSD for database + 3 TB for files from 500 GB SSD for database + 12 TB for files
Over 500 Consult our support team


After integration with clickhouse database you will additionall require up to 10% space (from the current size of postgresql database and up to 16-32 GB of RAM for stable work of Clickhouse. To know more about Clickhouse you should read this article.

Video monitoring

Starting from 4.1 the functionality of recording the desktop video appeared in StaffCop

This function demand a lot of space on the hard disk, the approximate requirements for this function are as following

Agents Per month, screen resolution 1024x768 Per month, screen resolution 1980x1080
1 9.3 GB 34.6 GB
50 46.5 GB 1730 GB, i.e. 1.73 TB
100 930 GB 3460 GB, i.e. 3.46 TB
200 1860 GB, i.e. 1.86 TB 6920 GB, i.e. 6.92 TB


You should keep in mind that two or more screens on a workstataion will increase the occupied space twice or even higher, considering the amount of monitors being recorded


The function works only when the server is available


To calculate the precise amount of disk space considering all the modules you should summarize the disk space occupied by all the functions and the function “videocontrol”

Required channel width: an agent generates 100-200 kbytes of network traffic, if modules “Desktop video” and “Remote desktop” are enabled - up to 2 mbits (for each user if we consider terminal servers).

Choose configuration to fit the server

If you have defined the number of computers you will be monitoring you can choose server equipment to fit the requirements.

Choose server by specified criteria -