Assign schedules


Assign schedules is used for assigning working schedules to different groups of users. For example, you can assign schedule by a computer, department, or agent tag.

How to assign a work schedule

Open the schedule you want to assign.


You will see the work schedule assignment interface.


Schedule - select the schedule you want to assign. To create a new schedule, click the “green plus” button to the right.

Dimension - select the dimension used for choosing users the schedule will be assigned to.

  • Computer - assign schedule by computer name
  • Label - assign schedule by agent label (It is displayed in “Agents of controlled PCs”).
  • Office - makes changes to the schedule for the selected department.
  • Account - assign schedule for individual PC users.
  • User, full name - assigning schedule for user name, which is taken from the domain name.

Value - selection of users or groups of users according to the selected dimension.

To save the created schedule, click the “Save” button. To cancel the changes, click the “Cancel” button.