PostgreSQL optimization

To define the most optimal settings for your configuration and the load you can use this calculator.

If possible, use the latest versions of DBMS.

Software optimization

If you use a virtual machine, it’s not recommended to use VirtualBox for the amount of agents exceeding 10. Use the server variants of OS. X window server is considered unnecessary in such cases

Disk subsystem optimization

noatime is recommended while mounting

/dev/sdX /your_point/mount ext4 rw,noaitime 0 2

Don’t install StaffCop on drives with intensive read-write processes (1C, DB, e.t.c) even if you have a fast drive.

If you have an agent installed on the server as well (for example Windows server, hyper-v as the virtualization environment ), disable file activity for it, as there are TOO many read-write events on the server.

If the number of agents exceeds 100, the following scheme is recommended:

  1. Transfer the OS to a separate disk.
  2. Transfer the DB to a separate disk, for exactly SSD.
  3. Transfer the file storage to a large separate disk.

You can also leave the work with size and performance of the hard disks, database and other things to StaffCop Sky.