Import\Export of the server’s settings and configurations

Question - do we have the configuration backup function, so we could restore the all users configurations after removal?

Answer - at this moment you can use the command:

sudo staffcop dumpdata agent.Config --indent 4 > config.json

For complete downloading of all the filters, configurations and users, you can use the following command

sudo staffcop dumpdata  --database archive_2018_08 --indent=4 -n analytics.filter analytics.backupfilter analytics.corpusprocessfilter analytics.sessionprocessfilter analytics.extractextprocessfilter analytics.dimensioncardfilter auth.user agent.config agent.acl agent.accountacl agent.accountconfig> backup.json

Export with the filters

staffcop export [filename]

Import with the filters

staffcop import [filename]

–ident 4 - nice-looking indents to make file user-friendly