Disc auto clean

To avoid the problem with the hard disk overflow, you should estimate the amount of data that you need to store beforehand, and configure auto-cleaning.

System Policy Auto cleanup is a preset policy. In order to configure it go to the “Filters” menu - “Policies” - “System policies” - “Auto cleanup”.

../_images/autocleanup_1.png ../_images/autocleanup_2.png

When the amount of data on the disk exceeds the specified percentage of Hdd hard percentage, the Staffcop will delete the data in order to clear at least 1% of free disk space.

Auto clean properties:

  • Method - this is the choice of action on the percentage threshold of the disk.
  • Hdd alarm percentage - the threshold percentage of the disk from which the alert in the filter tree starts.
  • Database alarm percentage - the threshold percentage of the database which triggers alerts in the filter tree.
  • File storage fulfillment - Delete files afterr reaching the threshold, if the “Delete” method is chosen.
  • Backup path - here you can write the path to the directory on which the disk is mounted, that is used to store autosaved database backups when the threshold is exceeded. If the method is “Move”.

The alert looks like this: