Data collection


Settings for sending reports from agents to the server:

An agent sends data to the server in small encrypted packets distributed over time, thus avoiding unnecessary load on the network. The maximum packet size and sending interval can be set independently, thereby adjusting the load on the network and the server.

When working correctly, the agents collect events, send them to the server, and after confirmation by the server on receiving these events, they clear the local database.

If there is no connection with the server for some reason, then the agents begin to store the local database on the system disk. The available space for the local database on the user’s computer is set in the “Maximal size of the agent’s local data base” in configuration. Upon reaching the specified volume, the agent begins to record new data instead of the oldest, thereby ensuring the relevance of the data.

When the Debug mode is enabled, the agent writes a service log and sends it to the server every time the computer/agent restarts or when the agent receives a new configuration. The maximal size of this log can be limited in the Maximal size of the agent’s local data base.


The maximum size of the local database of the agent should not exceed 50 GB