• Web traffic - module for intercepting network traffic using HTTP/HTTPS protocols. The agent intercepts and records all network activity of applications, including encrypted channels (SSL/TLS). This module is necessary for intercepting the history of visiting web pages and for generating reports on time tracking.

  • Web search queries - module for tracking queries in search engines (Rambler, Google, Yandex).

  • Web forms interception - module that allows you to intercept post requests from web pages in the browser. Used to intercept passwords of web resources using the security policy “Passwords from browsers”


To view events associated with passwords interception in web browsers open “Triggered filters - Passwords from browsers”

Rules: Web - Reporting for content type.

Disallow - forbid collecting data on the chosen content types.

Allow - allow collecting data only for the chosen content types.

Rules: Access - Sites

Block - block websites by domain address.

Allow - list of the web-sites allowed for visiting, stated as domain name.


If specify allowed web-sites, all other web-sites will be locked!

Rules: Web forms

Disallow - forbid tracking web form data from the specified domains or URL.

Allow - allow tracking web form data only from the specified domains or URL.